25 августа 2015

Space transport and handling system for performing process operations on the external surface of the spacecraft and support crew during extravehicular activity (project)



  • When working on the outer surface of the spacecraft, the Space Transportation and Manipulation System (STMS) shall ensure that the following operations are performed:
    • movement of the rigging components (fixing points) of the spacecraft;
    • movement, assembly, and disassembly of the payload (scientific hardware and service equipment);
    • docking and undocking of electrical connectors;
    • visual inspection of the outer surface of the spacecraft with the use of TV cameras;
    • inspection of the outer surface of the spacecraft with the use of the replaceable tool (measurement of the temperature of external components, measurement of radiation level, etc.);
    • performance of the production operations with the use of the replaceable tool (cutting of the screen vacuum spacecraft thermal insulation (SVSCTI), nipping and retrieving of the locking wire and ropes, taking wipe samples from the surface, etc.);
    • support for the operations of the extravehicular activity of cosmonauts;
      • highlighting of the working area;
      • carrying of the payload and tools into the operator's working area;
      • fixation and orientation of the production equipment for the operation performance period.

Quantity of hinges, pcs 15
Power supply, V 23 - 29
Maximum power consumption in the motion mode, W 140
Maximum power consumption when performing production operations, W 600
Power consumption in the storage mode, W 100
Electric power supply

additional charge
from the vehicle network

Capacity of the self-contained power supply, W·hours (А·hours) 4000 (150)
Duration of autonomous operation, hours 6
Sizes in transport position, mm 500х500х1200
Maximum allowable distance between the fixation points on the spacecraft, m 1,5
Maximum distance of operation execution: inspection / manipulation, m 3 / 1,6
Weight, kg 180

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