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Effective implementation of scientific and innovation activities in the field of high technologies is impossible without cooperation with relevant foreign research organizations and enterprises. International cooperation is an integral part of RTC, an important tool in ensuring the quality and competitiveness of products and services of the Institute in creating the robotic systems and security tools.
International partnership covers the exchange of experience, solution of the most complex and urgent issues related to the development of robotics.
The key directions of the international activity of the institute include: establishment of partnerships with foreign specialized research centers and organizations; participation in international research and development projects; participation in the international congress and exhibition, scientific and technical events, monitoring of the state and foreign programs promoting international scientific and technical cooperation in the field of robotics, participation in their implementation.

Foreign partners of RTC:

  • The European Space Agency (ESA),
  • Airbus group (till 2014 European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company – EADS),
  • Institute for Mechatronics and Robotics at the German Aerospace Center (Institute for Mechatronics and Robotics of DLR),
  • Electrolux,
  • Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.,
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.,
  • Nissan Motor Co. LTD,
  • ShinMaywa Industries Ltd.,
  • Chongqing University of Technology,
  • Institute of Automation Shandong Academy of Sciences (SADIA), and a number of other companies in Europe, Asia and America.
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