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Participation in scientific and technical activities in robotics

Information support of scientific and technical activities of RTC allows to obtain actual data on current inventions and trends in the development of land, sea, air and space-based robotics, technical cybernetics, to analyze the long-term needs in robotics tools taking into account the prospects of development of the most science-intensive industry, to formulate new tasks and set goals and directions for research and development work. The main tasks of information support include effective positioning of operating results of RTC among specialized domestic and foreign research and industrial organizations, among potential consumers and customers of the Institute products; popularization of the image of RTC to expand international cooperation in the field of robotics.
In order to accomplish the task in hand, the relevant department of RTC organizes the participation of the Institute in exhibitions of regional, national and international level, participation of the Institute specialists in large-scale international and national scientific and technical activities in robotics
The list of priorities of RTC in terms of the assistance in development of congress and exhibition activities for information support and promotion of scientific and technical results of the Institute includes:

  • improvement of methods and forms of the Institute department responsible for congress and exhibition activities, including creation of favorable conditions for their development;
  • organizational, informational, marketing and advertising support;
  • implementation of strategy on the increase of level of participation representativeness of RTC in large-scale international and national scientific and technical activities in robotics;
  • participation in the implementation of mechanisms and forms of state support of congress and exhibition events on the subject of the Institute activity.

Within the framework of congress and exhibition activities of RTC, the relevant department of the Institute implements makes the following arrangements on an annual basis:

  • annual monitoring and analysis of the thematic technical and scientific event and exhibition events in robotics scheduled to be held in Russia and abroad, formation of the preliminary list of activities relevant to RTC specialists;
  • formation of the plan for the participation of specialists of RTC in the thematic congress events of various formats, including participation of the Institute in the exhibitions under the auspices of relevant ministries and agencies;
  • organizational and methodological support of RTC participation in the congress and exhibition events, including preparation of demonstration materials for the forum and exposition parts of the technical and scientific events, respectively.

Participation of RTC specialists in the technical and scientific events in robotics is designed to identify the directions for mutually beneficial cooperation with the specialized domestic and foreign companies, including the conclusion of letters of intent, agreements, contracts, as well as to identify foreign products of interest to domestic developers and users of robotic systems and security tools.
Thanks to the activity of the specialized department of RTC in the field of congress and exhibition activities, the Institute annually participates in activities that facilitate a direct dialogue between the developers and users of robotic security tools and that are organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Education of Russia, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and other ministries and agencies.
In the last few years alone, RTC has participated in such large-scale international congress and exhibition events as the salon “Integrated Safety”; “Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation”; the forum “Days of Robotics in Sochi”, the forum «SkolkovoRobotics»; the military-technical forum “Army 2015”, and the specialists of CSRI RTC have successfully performed in many technical and scientific events that are relevant to the Institute : in the II International research and practice conference “Scientific research and experiments at the ISS”, in the International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR); in the annual All-Russia multiconference on management problems(MKPU).
Active participation of RTC specialists in large-scale thematic events in the area of the Institute’s activity makes it possible to directly carry out the maximum assessment of the national components of the global scientific and research capacity in creating the tools of technical cybernetics and space, air, land and sea-based robotics.

International Scientific and Technological Conference “Extreme Robotics”

Within the framework of congress and exhibition activity for drawing attention to the long-term positive experience of RTC in solving actual problems of robotics related to increasing warning value, in preventing and minimizing the consequences of emergency situations, originating from the time of liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident, the Institute annually holds the Scientific and Technological Conference “Extreme Robotics”.
The history of establishment of the Conference “Extreme Robotics” and its transformation into an annual event is objectively connected with the history of the domestic robotics. The Chernobyl accident and elimination of its consequences were followed by a new actual topic in robotics, called extreme robotics. Since then, RTC, as the founder and the head organization of the domestic robotics, holds regular national and international exhibitions and conferences dedicated to this direction.
Today, as the extreme robotics industry has become the vanguard of scientific and technical development of robotics in general, the value of the conference on the same name topic has increased, and it has attracted the attention of many foreign experts involved in developing the robotic systems and security tools. That is why for the past years the conference “Extreme Robotics” is held in the format of an international event with the participation of foreign scientists and representatives of major international associations and programs on the development of robotics.
The subject matter of the conference “Extreme Robotics” always covers a wide range of issues: from the conceptual problems of creation to the practical application of existing robotic systems. The conference examines the actual issues related to the creation of a new generation of robotic systems for use in extreme conditions and emergency situations, including fighting against terrorism, firefighting, handling the defensive tasks, as well as the tasks related to exploration of space and depth of the World Ocean, medicine, atomic energetics and hazardous production facilities.
Traditionally the conference “Extreme Robotics” gathers on its site the representatives of leading scientific research and manufacturing companies in the field of robotics, users and customers of robotic systems for the identification, analysis and discussion of prospective applications of robotic security tools, including their technical requirements, and the directions for scientific research and development work.
Organization and holding of scientific and technical events in robotics by RTC is an important part of the Institute scientific activity, as it allows to form the proposals on modern knowledge-intensive technologies, to establish mutually beneficial contacts with the leading domestic and foreign companies, to attract potential investors, as well as to orient in new directions of fundamental and applied research in the field of robotics in Russia and abroad.

More information about the events is available on the conference website: 



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